Due to her many talents and areas of knowledge Leda Almar could be described as a renaissance artist. A fine artist that is not afraid to experience with painting, drawing and her greatest passion: ceramics.

Leda got her Bachelor’s degree in Art from Los Andes University in Bogota, Colombia but she was born in Argentina where she became a Ceramist through her studies in the National School of Ceramics. In 2003 she moved with her family to the United States and had to sell her ceramics studio.


The initial years of her life in the United States where spent exploring and searching through drawing and painting until she was ready to return to her first passion: ceramics. Now, with her new-found knowledge, she was able to combine drawing and working with clay and new creations started to blossom.  You can find some of these creations in the hands of art collectors around the world: Barcelona, Bogota, Miami, New York and, of course, Buenos Aires.