Corporate Workshops     

It is proven that art opens up a safe and relaxed space where the person involved in the creative process can enjoy the freedom of expressing themselves and discover new hidden talents. That is the reason we designed our corporate workshops, we realized that the gift of art could be also given in the office space. Enrich the workplace through the freedom of creative expression, learn new ways to make your employees feel more energized and connected and promote bonding while bringing back the team spirit.

We offer a variety of corporate workshops that we can bring to your office or we can arrange to be taken in one of our partners studios.

Creativity Booster | ArTeam | Ceramics | OfficeKids

Our workshops prices range from $40 to $65 per participant (an administrative charge applies for groups less than 15 participants).

If you have an idea that you want us to develop, we also offer custom made workshops that can be adapted for special events.

Sculpture Workshops

Two days workshops
Day one: Design and sculpting.

Day two: Finish. under-glazes technique.
Full figure | Head Study 

These special workshops take place three times a year at Leda Almar's personal Studio. With a maximum of 7 participants, this intensive workshop gives the opportunity to get closer to the sculpture technique -rarely practiced even among ceramists-. We will work on small size sculptures that allow us to burn them in a week so when we get to our second session they are ready so we can start working on coloring techniques. Please contact us to sign up and reserve your spot.

Indoor Field Trip

Schools workshops

Bring art activities to your classroom. 

Ceramic creation is an activity kids don't have the chance to experience so often, but when they do, they  love it! It gives them an approach to sculpture, 3D creations and mural design! We can work on an idea or project that you are already studying at school with them, let us know what you need and we can develop the right theme to work with your kids.

For more information go to our KIDS program web site.